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Free Download A Drowning Man / Oboreru hito / 溺れる人 (2002)

A Drowning Man

Tokio (Shinya Tsukamoto) is a young salaryman who is uncomfortably confronted with his own ineptness when he finds his wife Kumiko drowned in the bathtub one night. He picks up the phone to call an ambulance, but puts it down again before dialling the number. Instead he distractedly makes himself coffee before deciding to drain the bath and bring Kumiko to the living room couch. With her dead body beside him, the panic finally breaks through the daze, and he starts drinking to numb it. Awakening from an alcohol-induced sleep the following morning, he finds himself in his own bed. Even greater is the surprise when Kumiko walks into the room to ask how he’s doing.

Also Known As: Oboreru hito / 溺れる人
Year: 2002
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Film Genre: Drama, Horror
Subtitle: A Drowning Man English Subtitle

Unakami Hiromi
Reiko Kataoka
Hida Senko
Uebaba Takehiro
Shinya Tsukamoto


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