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Free Download Aoi Tori / 青い鳥 (1997)

Aoi Tori

A tale of tragic love between Yoshimori, a station employee at a quiet, rural station, and Kahori, the wife of the heir to a family fortune. When Kahori’s husband uncovers their affair, the star-crossed lovers try to flee with Kahori’s daughter. Their search for safety and happiness takes them across the nation, from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. Filmed on location, this is an unforgettable story of romance told against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful scenery in Japan.

Title: 青い鳥
Title (romaji): Aoi Tori
Also known as: L’oiseau Bleu / Blue Bird
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance, human drama
Episodes: 12 + 1 Special
Viewership ratings: 17.7
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 1997-Oct-10 to 1997-Dec-19
Air time: Friday 22:00
English Subtitle: http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_6890.htm

Toyokawa Etsushi as Shibata Yoshimori
Natsukawa Yui as Machimura Kahori
Sano Shiro as Watanuki Hiromu
Nagasaku Hiromi as Akimoto Mikiko
Suzuki Anne as Machimura Shiori (Kahori’s daughter)
Yamada Maiko as Shiori (older)
Nakaya Noboru (仲谷昇) as Watanuki Junichiro (Hiromu’s father)
Maeda Gin as Shibata Kenji (Yoshimori’s father)
Lily as Okayasu Sumiko (Yoshimori’s mother)


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