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Free Download Art of Seduction / 작업의 정석 (2005)

Art of Seduction

Han Ji-Wan (Son Ye-Jin) is a successful investment banker. She is also graced with stunning looks and uses it fully to her advantage. Han Ji-Wan has clients after her and many successful men also wanting to go out with her. Unfortunately for her, all the men that she has yet encountered are too easily wrapped around her fingers. As soon as she flashes her innocent eyes and pouts her lips the men fall for her.

That is until Han Ji-Wan meets Seo Min-Jun (Song Il-Kook). He is a successful architect , but, as a chip off his playboy father’s old block, what he enjoys most in life is seducing woman. A new opportunity occurs when Han Ji-Wan crashes her BMW into Seo Min-Jun’s BMW. An attraction exists between the two people instantly, but since they both enjoy the art of seduction, neither will easily let it be shown that they are charmed by the other person. A personal war of sorts starts between the two proud, clever, attractive persons in a battle to see who will give in first to the other person’s charm.

Also Known As: 작업의 정석 Year: 2005 Country: South Korea Language: Korean Film Genre: Comedy, Romance Subtitle: Art of Seduction / 작업의 정석 (2005) English Subtitle

Son Ye-Jin Song Il-Kook Hyun Young No Ju-Hyeon Park Jun Gyu Ahn Sang-Tae Ahn Sun-Young Yun Yeong-Jun

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