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Free Download Soul (K-Drama) (2009)

    Soul (K-Drama) (2009)
  • Title : Soul (K-Drama) (2009)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Hon / Soul / Spirit / Ghost / Possessed
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Other Fansub: Haru2Subs
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-Aug-05 to 2009-Sep-03
  • More Info: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Soul
  • Summary:

    Ha Na and Doo Na were twin sisters who were very close to each other until Doo Na died a terrible death. One day, the usually bright and energetic Ha Na finds herself changing. She has superhuman strength and can do things that nobody can. Ha Na realizes that Doo Na’s spirit has inhabited her body. Shin Ryu, a criminal psychoanalyst, uses Ha Na’s powers to kill people that cannot be punished by the law.

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    Soul (K-Drama) (2009), 8.7 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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      Soul_01_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/f08426bd949a853cb96aa1eeefef19

      Soul_02_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/7df8a43a1d98ca606e9c747d11ecc5

      Soul_03_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/f4a7d1ac0b3788a86746ab0016f998

      Soul_04_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/2cf6b1b0157e8525063f2f22f996c3

      Soul_05_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/bbad123e228c8088b44c03f67cb8cf

      Soul_06_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/35cfe00c3f1a82199f8f8cae5302a9

      Soul_07_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/6ba68bb96d7d0a59af4e56a9ed0cc7

      Soul_08_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/f04762bed3df8881b039a5977811b5

      Soul_09_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/ad8aa0c923bfcd0e253099de1bfaea

      Soul_10_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/42235bbd6cd34cfd25404ee495eba3

      Soul_English_Subtitle_elinor.zip http://www.relink.us/f/caa3aa6b5b6065d3cadff672137ee6



      Soul_01_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/93iu4xn8939m

      Soul_02_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/o9x7gxb27dm8

      Soul_03_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/f8q6baikdn3b

      Soul_04_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/16gfmeg6pafi

      Soul_05_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/4zb1u1bj1ulj

      Soul_06_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/hgflkldy3cxl

      Soul_07_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/5rm4gvfmv53c

      Soul_08_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/ifm8oaj06vhp

      Soul_09_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/wys5x34i88ww

      Soul_10_elinor.mkv http://www.queenshare.com/7q9r65t6lvu6

      Soul_English_Subtitle_elinor.zip http://www.queenshare.com/cjvba9af4d8l


      Soul_01_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/dSh9d

      Soul_02_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/TsH8k

      Soul_03_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/TdUGZ

      Soul_04_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/DCoIg

      Soul_05_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/nxvaS

      Soul_06_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/62CrL

      Soul_07_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/fAtdC

      Soul_08_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/MlAw5

      Soul_09_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/TQPap

      Soul_10_elinor.mkv http://ilix.in/TcUb9

      Soul_English_Subtitle_elinor.zip http://ilix.in/8PuYh


      Soul_01_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/7a315716530c3c364e6cd281e4a8aa

      Soul_02_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/3816319ec538a19264b7948e4e5278

      Soul_03_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/6bd24da101c7bdb0e44246319dc78a

      Soul_04_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/6b69819c2010f6df95b4070edc65df

      Soul_05_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/b786db355f96d1af012a9b474fdb1b

      Soul_06_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/6e36e27d2df3f0b473db0fc03e340e

      Soul_07_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/48bb75aea9727f8b98afc13ad291d3

      Soul_08_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/dcb651928263c46d8a261a114da2b2

      Soul_09_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/632414bc396a9df2ad5af83f153a52

      Soul_10_elinor.mkv http://www.relink.us/f/85e1e149eb9851147cfbccf1a2c37b

      Soul_English_Subtitle_elinor.zip http://www.relink.us/f/1e354737bd40b0e801e82644d1d243

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      Soul (K-Drama) (2009), 8.7 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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