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Free Download P.S. Man / Womanizer / 偷心大聖 P.S. 男 (2010)

After the famous author Xia He Jie crashed the movie premiere that supermodel Amanda attended, he was sentenced to 158 hours of community service at a kindergarten. And thus, it began the most hellish 158 hours of his life. There he met Ma Xiao Qian, a teacher who not only didn’t fall for his charming personality like the rest of the female population, she made him suffer for every minute of his community service. What he didn’t know was that Xiao Qian was a former neighbor who he had bullied relentlessly as a child. Now, she is bent on revenging for the miserable childhood that she endured under his tyrannical reign.

Title: 偷心大聖 P.S. 男 / Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S. Nan
Also known as: P.S. Man / Womanizer
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
Broadcast period: 2010-Feb-28 to 2010-Jul-18
Air time: Sunday 22:00 – 23:30
English Subtitle: P.S. Man English Subtitles

Lan Cheng Long as Xia He Jie 夏和杰
Sonia Sui as Ma Xiao Qian 馬小茜
Wen Sheng Hao as Meng Cheng En 孟成恩
Bianca Bai as Amanda
George Zhang as Da Mao 大貿
Zhong Xin Ling as Mary
Zhao Zi Qiang (趙自強) as Xia He Ping 夏和平
Akio Chen as An Da 安達
Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiao Tuo Luo 小陀螺
Tan Ai Zhen as Judge
Luo Bei An as Wang Ming An 王明安
Yan Jia Le as Amy
Xu Jie Hui (許傑輝) as Kang Ge 康哥
Stephanie Chang as Xiao S
Zhao Zheng Ping (趙正平) as Producer
He Rong Pei (何戎配) as Talk show host
Ssu Jung (思蓉) as Food vender
Wu Jia Shan (吳佳珊) as Ma Yang Hen 馬楊恨
Hsia Ching Ting as Xiao Qian’s uncle
Yang Xiu Hui (楊琇惠) as Xiao Qian’s aunt
Lu Yi Long (陸一龍) as Zhang Dong 張董
Dai Yu Jie (戴宇頡) as Xia Zhen Yu 夏振宇
Chen Wei Min as Xiao Qian’s uncle
Lance Yu as Peter
Chen Bo Zheng as Chun Sheng 春生
Wang Dao as Meng Gong Zhao 孟公肇
Chris Wang as Yu Hao 余浩


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