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Free Download Romantic Island / 로맨틱 아일랜드 (2008)

Romantic Island

In “Romantic Island” three couples pair off after arriving in Manila, Philippines.

The first couple are a middle-aged husband & wife tandem that are taking their first ever trip overseas. The husband (Lee Moon-Sik) has never taken his wife anywhere before, but he has reasons for taking her on their first trip. The husband has a brain tumor and he plans to end his life in the Philippines for insurance money.

Convenience store clerk Jung-Hwan (Lee Min-Ki) is offered a free ticket to the Philippines by a friend. Although Jung-hwan is broke he is more than happy to go, especially to forget his ex-girlfriend who dumped him because of his inability to find a better paying job. At the Manila airport, Jung-Hwan is stunned when famous Korean pop singer Yu Ga-Young (Eugene) approaches him to use his cellphone. For Ga-Young, coming to the Philippines is a spur of the moment decision to get away from the pressures of making her next album.

Soo-Jin used her entire savings to come to the Philippines Her home life is a mess and she is in part running away from her family. At her hotel in Manila, she encounters a fellow Korean named Jae-Hyuk (Lee Sun-Kyun). Jae-Hyuk is a successful businessman that came to the Philippines for family matters. His long estranged father, who re-married in Manila, has passed away. Soo-jin accompanies Jae-hyuk to meet his step-sister.

Also Known As: 로맨틱 아일랜드
Year: 2008
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Comedy, Romance
Subtitle: Romantic Island English Subtitles

Lee Sun-Kyun
Lee Soo-Kyung
Lee Min-Ki
Lee Moon-Sik
Lee Il-Hwa



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