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Free Download The Bow / 활 (2005)

The Bow

A 16-year-old girl (Han Yeo-Reum) and a 60-year-old man (Jun Sung-Hwan) live together on a permanently anchored boat. The old man has raised the girl since she was a child and now she has almost blossomed into a woman. The 60 year old man’s health is that of a younger man and he uses his bow to protect the girl from men that live on land. The old man plans to marry the girl when she turns 17, but other men in the area have their eyes set on her ….

Also Known As: 활
Year: 2005
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Drama
Subtitle: English

Jun Sung-Hwan
Han Yeo-Reum
Seo Ji-Suk


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