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Free Download Tonbi / とんび (2013)


The drama is based on the best-selling same-titled novel by Shigematsu Kiyoshi. It tells the story of how a widower brought up his only son, after the death of his beloved wife. Ichikawa Yasuo, or Yasu as he is known, is a baka, with no paper qualifications to his name. However, like all normal parents, he dotes on his only son, Akira. Having grown up without his parents around, Yasu himself knows next to nothing of what parenting is about. With his wife, Misako, by his side, he had spent many happy days together with his little family.
However, when Akira was 3 years old, Misako passed away suddenly from an accident. Heart-broken, and filled with regrets, Yasu pulled himself together, in order to care for his little son. Together with the help of his friends, Yasu overcame it all, and Akira grew up to be a bright and successful young man.
“With nothing but love for his son… that’s all there is”

Title: とんび
Title (romaji): Tonbi
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Family
Episodes: TBA
Viewership rating: TBD
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-13 to
Air time: Sunday 21:00
English Subtitle: Hardsubbed

Uchino Masaaki as Ichikawa Yasuo
Sato Takeru as Ichikawa Akira
Fukiishi Kazue as Sakamoto Yumi
Tokiwa Takako as Ichikawa Misako
Nomura Hironobu as Shoun
Kato Takako as Sachie
Otoo Takuma as Kuzuhara Tetsuya
Bengal as President Bito
Asou Yumi as Taeko
Emoto Akira as Kaiun
Takahashi Kazuya as Hagimoto Chief
Uchino Kenta (内野謙太) as Rokukawa Shinnosuke
Honda Tsubasa as Matsumoto Kyo
Hashimoto Mami as Kuzuhara’s wife
Igarashi Hinata (五十嵐陽向) as Ichikawa Akira (3 years old)
Arakawa Shin (荒川槙) as Ichikawa Akira (6 years old)
Fukuzaki Nayuta (福崎那由他) as Ichikawa Akira (11 years old)


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