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Today I Am Agree To Share Whats Wrong With Me.As you know about google adsense and you people also want to have adsense account. Anyway , i want to write my story this blog 2-3 year older and i apply 4 times for google adsense but everytime google disproved For Google adsense and you this is one of best online earning way by google and also i like it to have and you can say this is my hobby to get adsense account but my hobby so away from me i tried many times to make money online but everytime i failed here i want to ask why am i failed everytime ? please comments on this question.Millons of People Earn with google adsense and maybe there are alots of cheater have adsense account but those people like me seeking for google Adsense but google do not agree to give us chance to earn something.
 Actually i forget that to tell you i am working on pc 12 hours and search more and more about google adsense and i see alots of people selling adsense account i ask many peoples for help and some of them tells that i pay $100 them and they will give me adsense account i really laugh on my fate that i haven’t no pennies for my internet connection and where to i pay you $100.

I want to ask from google how these people makes alots of accounts and selling to people ?

I really work hard and hard daily gives 12 hours to searching on internet i also want to earn some money for me for my work but i did not.

i request to google please give me adsense account purchase structured settlements.
thats all 


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