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Free Download Warm Water Under a Red Bridge / 赤い橋の下のぬるい水 (2001)

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

The story is of an unemployed man in his forties, Yosuke, whose wife has just left him. On the advice of an old tramp, he travels to a faraway village on the Noto Peninsula. There, in a certain house, near a red bridge, close to a river, a vase apparently contains a golden Buddha, stolen from a temple in Kyoto by this old tramp… The man does not find the vase, but meets a woman, Saeko, who lives in the house; this strange, kleptomaniac woman has the power to make flowers bloom out of season, to draw fish from the sea into the river, by the water she secretes when she experiences physical pleasure; the man who “”bathes”” in such water will rediscover his vitality…

Also Known As: Akai hashi no shita no nurui mizu / 赤い橋の下のぬるい水
Year: 2001
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Koji Yakusho – Yosuke Sasano
Misa Shimizu – Saeko Aizawa
Mitsuko Baisho – Mitsu Aizawa
Mansaku Fuwa – Gen
Isao Natsuyagi – Masayuki Uomi
Yukiya Kitamura – Shintaro Uomi
Hijiri Kojima – Mika Tagami
Toshie Negishi – Tomoko Sasano
Sumiko Sakamoto – Masako Yamada
Gadarukanaru Taka – Taizo Tachibana
Mickey Curtis – Nobuyuki Ohnishi
Takao Yamada – Kazuo Namamura
Katsuo Nakamura – Takao Yamada
Kazuo Kitamura – Taro


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